Bespoke Campaigns

Ad campaigns to a large, underserved collection of the South African internet. Display, newsletter, social and tailored initiatives that are unique in the market and cannot be replicated by other sales channels.

Niche Publications

Unique content on our publications is like crack to the Internet and gives your client brand-safe environments with loyal readers who form strong brand associations.

Programmatic Control

ACME will create Private Marketplaces with selected agencies and ensure the value of ACME inventory and audiences. ACME has a top-level seat on the Google Ad Exchange.

Rich Audience Data

The audience profiles, individually and as part of the ACME network, are extremely strong as targeted advertising and viewability step to the fore.

Game Changing

The old game of online advertising is broken. We want a healthy ecosystem for Publishers and Brands as well as their readers and will introduce new and considered products.

Proudly South African

Local publishers face many challenges, especially those who are committed to a free press. We are for them and will ensure they have the resources to remainĀ in operation.