Viewability: View from abroad

We’ve been proponents for Ad Viewability as a key change in allowing advertisers to get more value whilst treating Publisher’s pages as a canvas to tell better stories. As with all things in our industry we’ve waited, somewhat apathetically, for the disruption to occur somewhere else and to someone else, with effects that can be negated so that we can go on with the game as we know how to play it.

That’s unfortunately not going to happen.

In US markets the clamour for ads with demonstrable viewability has penetrated the dull haze

These findings in a WSJ piece entitled  The Push For Web Ad Viewability Proving To Be Nightmare for Publishers Early On:

Meanwhile, ad buyers are essentially taking the stance: you knew this was coming, and you should have been ready. We don’t want to hear about any viewability percentages less than 100% And if you think we’re going to pay higher prices after you’ve been selling us lots of worthless inventory over the years, forget about it.

ACME is taking a strong position in favour of viewable ads wherever possible.

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